At the International Centre for Ecohydraulics Research (ICER), research is conducted to quantify the potential environmental impacts of energy and water resource infrastructure in aquatic habitats, focusing primarily on fish populations. The researchers at ICER are working at the cutting edge, pioneering solutions to the key environmental issues facing society.

ICER is one of many internationally renowned research groups within the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment, University of Southampton, covering a broad range of disciplines. Collaborative research across groups ensures a dynamic cross-disciplinary approach. Whether such collaborations take place in large teams focused on specific needs of industry or through less formal (but no less enthusiastic) alliances the range of experience and knowledge available to ICER personnel is extensive.

Our facilities provide the foundations for our research. Through continuous investment, we ensure that our researchers have access to the equipment they need for pioneering work which addresses the problems of today and tomorrow.

Fish Passage

Fish passage at gauging weirs Daniella Montali-Ashworth
Dr Constantino Manes
Dr Paul Kemp
Andrew Vowles
Fish passage design in China: Swimming ability and behaviour data of native fish species Lynda Newbold
Dr Paul Kemp
The impact of tide gates on fish migration Gillian Wright
Dr Paul Kemp
Professor Robert Nicholls
Dr Malcolm Hudson
Elver passage at intertidal weirs Dr Adam Piper
Dr Paul Kemp
Anguilliform passage through culverts Lynda Newbold
Andrew Vowles
Dr Paul Kemp
Anguilliform passage over gauging structures Jim Kerr
Andrew Vowles
Dr Paul Kemp
The behavioural response of diadromous anguilliform fish to hydraulic conditions associated with barriers to fish migration Dr Iain Russon
Dr Paul Kemp
Dr Gerald Muller
Tracking eel at barriers Dr Adam Piper
Dr Paul Kemp
Stanley Mills lamprey project Dr Paul Kemp
Dr Martyn Lucas
E-ON eels study Dr Paul Kemp
Luke Blunden
Climbing Lamprey Dr Paul Kemp
Toru Tsuzaki

Bioinspiration and Biomimetics

Analysis of a unique mode of locomotion: Vertical climbing by Pacific lamprey Dr Qiang Zhu (University of California – San Diego)
Dr Paul Kemp
Dr Mary Moser (NOAA)
Developing autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) technology through Bioinspiration Professor Gwyn Griffiths
Dr James Blake
Dr Stephen Boyd
Dr Alex Phillips
Dr Alan Murphy

Fish Response to Environmental Stimuli

Velocity Gradients Andrew Vowles
Jim Kerr
Lynda Newbold
Dr Constantino Manes
Dr Paul Kemp
Turbulence Jim Kerr
Dr Constantino Manes
Dr Paul Kemp
Schooling Behaviour and Hydrodynamics Jasper De Bie
Dr Constantino Manes
Dr Paul Kemp

Fish Response to Acoustics

Exploring the effect of acoustic stimuli on Pacific Lamprey Matt Short

Dr Paul Kemp

Michael Hayes

Prof Paul White

Dr. Mary Moser

Prof Tim Leighton

 The Effect of Acoustic Stimuli on Fish Schooling Behaviour Matt Short
Prof Paul White
Dr Paul KempProf Tim Leighton
 Developing behavioural guidance/deterrent devices for adult European eel  Dr Adam Piper
Prof Paul White
Dr Paul Kemp
Investigating impacts of human underwater sounds on fish behaviour Mathias Deleau Prof Paul White
Dr Paul Kemp

Prof Tim Leighton
The impacts of noise pollution from marine transport and infrastructure on fish Sarah Neenan
Mr Rayner Piper
Prof Paul White
Dr Peter Shaw
Dr Paul Kemp
Prof Tim Leighton


The impact of low-head hydropower development on fish passage and survival Andrew Vowles
Dr Paul Kemp
Dr Gerald Müller
Understanding the role of stakeholders in environmental conflict: The case of hydroelectric power Dr Laura Watkin
Dr Paul Kemp
Professor Ian Williams
Dr Ian Harwood

Climate Change

Using unpublished archival data to predict and possibly mitigate effects of climate change Professor Terry Langford
Dr Peter Shaw
Dr Tom Worthington
Predicting the impacts of climate change on the UK’s freshwater fish populations Andrew Vowles
Dr Paul Kemp
Dr Patrick Osborne

Species Reintroduction

The feasibility of reintroducing the burbot (Lota lota) to the UK Dr Tom Worthington
Dr Paul Kemp
Dr Patrick Osborne
Quantifying the influence of Beaver (Castor fiber) activities on fish Robert NeedhamProf Paul Kemp

Prof David Sear

Dr Gerald Müller

Rob Needham SQ
A critical review of the effects of beavers on fish and fish stocks Dr Paul Kemp
Dr Tom Worthington
Professor Terry Langford

Habitat Modelling and Restoration

Extending the evidence base for the impacts of agriculture sediments on aquatic ecosystems Professor David Sear
Dr Paul Kemp
Dr David Smallman
The Effects of Low Oxygen Levels on the Incubation Success of Atlantic Salmon: Mortality and Adaptation 37
Catchment scale assessment of environmental impacts of river infrastructure and prioritisation of restoration actions Dr Paul Kemp
Dr Jesse O’Hanley
Dr Kate Parks
Case Study: The River Wey Lynda Newbold
Dr Paul Kemp
Fluvial sediment dynamics Professor David Sear 40

Environmental Flows

Ecological assessment of proposed changes in compensation releases in the Spey catchment Dr Paul Kemp
Dr Tom Worthington

Dam Removal

Meeting of international experts to discuss removal of the Mactaquac Dam in New Brunswick Professor Paul Kemp MactaquacSQ
Pandeiros Dam, Brazil.  ICER are currently involved in conducting a study to assess the feasibility of removal. Professor Paul Kemp PanderosSQ